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Parent Testimonials

"My daughter attends Little Wonders and loves it. When we moved to the area, we viewed many schools. My daughter picked Little Wonders as the clear favorite. She felt instantly at home and comfortable at this school. 


My daughter continues to be happy in her school environment. She is eager to go to school each day. I have seen my daughter confidently and eagerly develop age appropriate skills such as (but not limited to): counting, the alphabet, spelling her name, letter and number recognition, weather, concept of time, concept of the environment around her, etc. 


Kelcey makes a real effort to get to know each child and respect their individuality, whilst still running the classroom successfully. Kelcey genuinely cares for each child and it shows. We would recommend Little Wonders to anyone."

-Liz, previous preschool parent

"My daughter loves going to Little Wonders. Miss Kelcey is very good at what she does with the kids."

-Jen, previous preschool parent

"We have been incredibly happy with Little Wonders. My child absolutely loves going to school at “Miss Kelcey’s house". Kelcey organizes such a variety of fun, creative and educational activities. In addition, she has accommodated my child's multiple food allergies effortlessly. I am so glad I enrolled my son in this preschool program."

-Kristen, current preschool parent

My son has been attending Little Wonders for almost a year and it has been such a wonderful experience and environment for him. I'm always amazed at what he has learned and how much he has grown since he started in Ms. Kelcey's program. She incorporates so many creative activities that are not only fun for the kids, but also great learning experiences. We couldn't have asked for a better preschool for him and can already tell it will be a great way to prepare him for kindergarten in the future.

-Erin, previous preschool parent

"My son has been attending Little Wonders for almost a year and we couldn't be happier. He has grown so much and loves to use his imagination. The smaller class size suits his personality and has given him an opportunity to bond with his classmates and teachers. We look forward to his continued growth and love for learning at Little Wonders."

                                                              -Heather, current preschool parent

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