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5 Day Program: Ages 4 and up


Little Wonders 5 day program is developed to encourage further learning through play, while getting children ready for the kindergarten environment. Children will have the opportunity to explore materials that focus on helping learn core subjects and skills. Each day we will learn through our interactions and developmental play during centers time. The teachers work with small groups of children to support certain skills and practice working on various tasks.


We do circle time, music, calendar, weather and a short handwriting and letter lesson each day. During centers we explore science materials, sensory play and free expression arts and crafts. The goal with the 5 day program is to learn important social skills that get us ready for kindergarten and every day interactions. We also aim to learn how to write our names,  learn phonemic awareness and beginning sounds, have a basic understanding of how to write each letter, rhyming, and count up to 30, among other math concepts.

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